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Lift Pelvic Physiotherapy

Supporting you on your journey to optimal pelvic health



Kate Fosdike is one of Perth's leading Pelvic Health Physiotherapists

Kate has a great passion for helping patients with Pelvic Health issues. She has over a decade of expertise and postgraduate qualifications in this field, working in clinics and hospitals across Australia and the UK. Her dream of owning her own pelvic health physiotherapy practice came into fruition in August 2018 and Lift Pelvic Physiotherapy was born. 

Kate's commitment to obtaining optimal results for her patients is second to none. She uses a problem-solving approach and enjoys working collaboratively towards her patients' health goals.

"My 2 young children keep me busy at home! I also enjoy strength training, keeping fit and spending time outdoors"

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Kate has experience in treating:

Pelvic floor muscle dysfunction
Pelvic organ prolapse
Urinary incontinence
Urinary urgency and frequency
Faecal incontinence
Painful sex
Chronic pelvic pain
Postnatal perineal pain
Blocked milk ducts/mastitis
Abdominal muscle seperation
Pelvic rehabilitation following prostate or gynaecological surgery
Safe return to exercise after childbirth

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Real time Ultrasound

Pessary Fitting

Therapeutic Ultrasound

Electronic Stimulation


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Your Appointment

What to expect

Your initial appointment is one hour long and involves a very extensive assessment so that we can determine all the factors contributing to your condition(s). Follow up appointments are generally half an hour. 

The treatment room is private and comfortable.

In some cases where your condition relates to the pelvic floor muscles, bowel or bladder it is beneficial for Kate to perform an internal vaginal or rectal examination as part of the assessment. The information from this assessment is very valuable in determining the best treatment options for you.   

If Kate recommends an internal examination for you, this will be discussed in more detail at your appointment. If you are not comfortable with having an internal examination, that is totally up to you. Our real time ultrasound machine can also provide information about the pelvic floor function and only requires visualisation of the lower tummy area. 

Consult Costs:

   Initial Consult 1 hour $190.00

        (Concession $175.00)

   Follow Up Consult 30 mins $120.00

        (Concession $110.00)

If you have private health cover for physiotherapy, you will be able to claim a rebate for the consult. 

Kate does also accept Care Plan referrals (CDM/TCA) from your GP. In this instance you will receive up to 5 sessions of physiotherapy for which you will receive a Medicare rebate of $58.00. You will be billed at concession rates for your appointment if you have a Care Plan. You will need to pay for the consult in full on the day, then your rebate can be processed onsite.


Please phone our reception team on 6103 0214 if you have any questions. 


I saw Kate last week and she is an amazing pelvic health physio. Her knowledge and assistance is worth more than I can explain in words. Thank you Kate and I look forward to my next appointment


Thank you Kate for helping me after the birth of my baby. I was so fearful before I saw you, I felt like my body was broken. You restored my confidence in my body and I will always be thankful for that.


Kate is a friendly and very knowledgeable professional. She was the first person to really listen to my problems and work hard to come up with solutions. Thank you so much Kate



Consulting Hours:

Tuesdays 9am-5pm

Thursdays 9am-5pm 


Unit 4/13 Hobsons Gate

Currambine WA 6028

Inside the rooms of Live Well Physiotherapy 

(08) 6103 0214

(08) 9200 5620

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